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Peter Chan Ho Sun and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday attended the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival -- Filmmaker in Focus.  Chan Ho Sun's work, poster and costumes were on display.  Chan Ho Sun, Ng Kwan Yu and their daughter attended as well as Kwan Yu's parents, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and others.  Chan Ho Sun said that last July his mother was seriously ill, the film festival invited him to be the filmmaker in focus.  At the time he was conflicted, after spending several months he finally decided to do it.  The film festival also published a book for him to look back at the first half of his life.  He said, "Some places would make friends uncomfortable, but some are worth being proud of."  At this time, Peter could not help but wipe away his tears.  He thanked his parents, his departed mother and daughter Chan Si Chi, as well as the old lady who has to tolerate him for several more decades.

Reporters told Peter that this was the first time he called Kwan Yu his wife.  Peter said, "It's just a line, no difference, we have been together for a long time already."  Kwan Yu did not pay attention to Peter calling her old lady but instead hated this title the most.  She said, "It makes me all old, once a flight attendant called me Mrs. Chan, I immediately debated for a long time."  Peter also said, "Old lady and Mrs. Chan are two different matter.  Mrs. Chan comes with a man, old lady is a relationship, an equal to a old man."  Kwan Yu said that at first she thought about giving their daughter her last name because their daughter usually liked to be close to her mother, but finally decided to give her her father's last name.

As for Peter's tearful speech, Peter said, "Because at the time Mommy was sick, by middle age a person experiences a lot.  Friends tell me that I am a very stubborn and very subjective person.  Working with me is pretty painful.  I never yell at anyone, scolding is always the dumbest."  Kwan Yu also said, "I was the most sentimental that Peter said having to tolerate several more decades.  My heart had chills, he already tolerated me for 15 years."  Kwan Yu jokingly said to Peter, "Change a little."  Which was Chan Ho Sun's favorite work?  He said that he liked them almost all evenly, his favorite was PERHAPS LOVE (YU GOR OI).

Yuen Wing Yi said that when she watched the footage her memory came back.  She said, "At the time film productions were very happy, had team spirit.  Aside from Best Actress, Peter also got me the Best Newcomer."  Did Yuen Wing Yi still have the acting bug?  She said that she has not retired yet.  Peter also told her not to be in a hurry and to have patience, because being in a hurry would not yield performance.  She said, "Peter also told me to read more books, which would improve my aura, because my aura now has gone to the direct side."

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