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Today, the Hsu Li-kong produced film JOYFUL REUNION starred Blue Lan and Huo Siyan came to Shenzhen to promote the film.  Huo Siyan said, "I have zero resistance against Taiwan food, during the shoot I gained 3 kilograms over two weeks.  The film almost had to stop production for me to lose weight."  Huo Siyan said, "In the film two men fought over a woman, I was very fortunate.  In real life if I ran into such excellent men I definitely would be stuck between a rock and a hard place."

Huo Siyan praised Lan Cheng Long's humor but called him "durian".  She joked, "As soon as I met Lan Cheng Long our first scene was an argument, because he was very in character he felt prickly all over like a durian.  His cold exterior would keep many at bay, but after real contact I discovered that he like durian had his own unique aura.  Instead you could easily be trapped as he was a perfectly good man."  Then, Huo Siyan said that Joseph Chang was mango, with something inside, sunshine and familiar.  She said, "With these two types of men, both love water sports, in reality wouldn't they really be hard choices?"

During the process, Huo Siyan said that she was very honored to be able to bring this film to Berlin and recommend this love story with Chinese food in its center to the world.  Reporters asked why she chose to wear red to promote the film.  Huo Siyan said that the film needed to express love that was very strong and needed to be savored.  She dressed up in order to represent this love.  She also said about her view on love.  "In the film my character Wa'er represents many people in society today.  I feel this is a type of 'lost love syndrome'.  Under the pressure of busy life, many already don't know how to love or how to enjoy being loved.  Such a life is truly very tragic."

The film has already been selected to be the 62nd Berlin Film Festival Culinary Cinema segment closing film.  JOYFUL REUNION will open nationally on March 29.

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