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Shaw Movie City and TVB's film production company yesterday introduced its plans for the upcoming year at the Hong Kong International Film Market.  Originally Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Bosco Wong Chak Chung planned to show their support but fell through in the last minute.  Finally only Michael Tse Tin Wa and King Kong held down the fort.  Also on hand were Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Leung Ka Shun, Wong Ka Hei, Chik Ka Kei and others.

Tin Wa and King Kong will work together on the new film SUN SAU YING GAING (HOLY BEAST COP).  At first Tin Wa declined to reveal who else was in the cast and only said that in early April he will make a movie that resembled CURRY AND PEPPER (GA LEI LAT JIU) in subject.  Will he work with Bosco?  Tin Wa hinted and said that why was this name mentioned, not expecting later King Kong would make the revelation that their co-star would be Bosco.  Speaking of the numerous appearances of "wolves" in Hengdian, Tin Wa said that curiously he has not run into one.  He knew that many Hong Kong artists were working there but he has not seen one yet.  Originally he was to meet Charmaine Sheh Si Man for dinner, but because she had to work she cancelled.  Did he have late night snacks with other actors?  Tin Wa said, "Everyone after work went to bed.  (Did your wife ask you to be more careful?)  I only went to the karaoke box with Cheng Ka Wing, then everyone caught him and Wing Yi!"  Tin Wa also joked that in the film they exchanged looks but whether they had something real between them Ka Wing had to be asked.  He would always get the feeling wrong.  Did the Mainland have a lot of temptations?  Tin Wa changed the subject and said, "When stuff is cheap of course it's like this, even the cup of noodle is so cheap.  (Did anyone knock on your door?)  I locked the door and even put on the security chain, I was definitely safe!"

As for King Kong he will play a nice kid but he did not know whether he will have any romance.  Would working with rumored girlfriend Gemma Choi Wai Yan be the best?  King Kong took a detour and said, "No, maybe (Chrissie) Chau Sau Na would be good too.  We are very familiar.  With good looking guys like me, both beauty and the beast are right!"

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