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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai starred NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) will be released on the 15th.  With 1,054,875 it became the box office champion that day, which gave the production a boost.  Currently working on a movie in Malaysia, Cheung Ka Fai after learning the good news excitedly ordered himself a happy meal as a little treat for himself and a little reward for his previously hellish weight loss performance.

Ka Fai gleefully said, "Such an opening day box office performance is truly encouraging, aside from thanking the audience for their support I also have to thank Sister Deanie (Ip Tak Han) and Brother Wa (Andy Lau Tak Wa)'s A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) for an exciting opening for us, again attracting viewers to return to cinemas in support of Hong Kong film and successfully passing the baton to us."  Ka Fai wished that upcoming Hong Kong film releases will also perform well from the beginning to the end of the year.  His next wish was receiving film company boss Mr. Billy Kong Chi Keung and director Roy Chow Hin Yeung's call to return to Hong Kong and celebrate.

Ka Fai also saw many fans' posts online about their support of the film NIGHTFALL.  He was the most touched to see a fan telling him not to be satisfied with himself and even encouraged him to defeat himself to defeat others.  He was very glad that so many around him loved him, including a group of fans.  He saw a fan who tabulated the opening day box office numbers from his films THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN), THE STOOL PIGEON (JING YUN), THE BEAST STALKER opened with 480,000, THE STOOL PIGEON with 860,000, NIGHTFALL opened with over 1 million on the first day.  He completely received their good wishes and excessive self satisfaction was not his personality.

Working on a film in Taiwan, Simon Yam Tat Wa also revealed online that although he was working overseas his heart was still with NIGHTFALL's Hong Kong release.  His wife Qi Qi also could not wait to go to support her husband with her friends and even praised the film as touching and full of love.

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