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According to a Mainland report, Vicki Zhao Wei's new film TO OUR YOUTH THAT WILL EVENTUALLY FADE earlier while shooting in Nanjing had a struggle between the crew and the crowd.  To many viewers, Zhao Wei was a star who they grew up with.  Thus after the production arrived in Nanjing, many would watch Zhao Wei make her movie.  Because the shoot required silence, fans created disarray in the crowd.  Zhao Wei once urged everyone to maintain silence during the shoot online.

On March 13, the team shot outside a bun shop.  Originally the shoot was scheduled for 7PM and the street was already filled with people, who were rushing the crowd toward the production.  Because the production was affected, the crew began driving people away.  According to a witness, a worker ignited something white, the smoke of which made breathing very hard.  The worker called Nanjing people low quality while burning.  The move immediately angered Nanjing people and they began to argue.  Later the crew even used violence against the people and hit someone.  The matter got out of hand.  Finally only with a police presence was order restored.  The shoot was also forced to stop midway.

After this incident some immediately asked the production and the director Zhao Wei for confirmation.  The assistant of Zhao Wei's manager Chen Rong said that Zhao Wei had no idea about the struggle but admitted that fans affected the production progress.  "The production needed silence, so with all the fans on the side it had no way to operate normally."  Yesterday the film's promotional company apologized while mildly pleaded for a reduction of onlookers.  Since the production began, Zhao Wei has been very stressed.  Because of Nanjing's unstable weather Zhao Wei even fell ill.

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