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Kwai Lun-Mei and Joseph Chang worked together on the film GIRLFRIEND BOYFRIEND.  Director Yang Ya-Che in order to apply for the Taipei Film Awards hurried the production up and thought the leads were able to win this year's Taipei Film Award Best Actor and Best Actress.  The film's backdrop was Taiwan's changes over 30 years and invited a Taiwanese instructor to teach the cast old style Taiwanese.  Kwai Lun-Mei had the most experience with language study.  She even stumped the teacher when she asked how to say "flat chested" in Taiwanese?  The teacher a week later finally replied, "cold bottom".  Then Kwai Lun-Mei joked that she was "cold bottom".

During the shoot, the director enabled the actors to perform freely.  They "plotted" with each other and thus before the shoot were very nervous, as they were afraid that the co-stars would do something strange.  Joseph Chang and Kwai Lun-Mei had a break up scene that unexpectedly touched emotional wounds.  He cried for 10 minutes and still could not settle down; in another scene Kwai Lun-Mei slapped Joseph Chang 30 times before its completion, his face was swollen and his stomach ached; Kwai Lun-Mei had her fill of the acting bug, she even hid and cried.

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