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Asian Best Actor Donny Damara
Siqin Gaowa says we need more directors like Ann Hui
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The fresh out of the oven "Asian Best Actress" Deanie Ip Tak Han yesterday along with Asian Film Award Lifetime Achievement winning director Ann Hui On Wa met the press.  Sister Deanie two nights ago won Best Actress again with the film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH).  If next month she will win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress, she will complete her harvest.  She was very grateful for the award and would always remain at peace.  As for all the awards that the film has won, she will display them at investor and lead actor Andy Lau Tak Wa's place.

Sister Deanie in SIMPLE played an old character, but veteran actors in general had less chance to perform.  However everything has exceptions.  Sister Deanie felt that in Hong Kong she has been the luckiest.  Did she do any research before the shoot?  She said, "I am already an old person myself, I didn't need to do research before hand.  (Are you afraid of getting old?)  I am not afraid of getting old, only getting sick.  I am afraid that I would be unable to take care of myself.  If I wouldn't then I would ask for euthanasia."

Speaking of Wa Jai becoming a big support player to support her character, Sister Deanie insistently denied it.  "Wa Jai absolutely isn't a big support player, he is the lead.  Everyone's value is different, Roger (Wa Jai's character) should treat Sister Peach better, especially since they have been together for several decades."

Sister Deanie was asked about work before and after SIMPLE's production.  She joked that before and after she did not have any movie to make.  Ann immediately revealed now many people want to work with Ip Tak Han and are waiting for her to decide!

Speaking of the numerous detailed situations that were unique to Hong Kong in the film but the film was still relatable in Europe, Taiwan and other areas, Ann felt that the film was about relationships with elders, masters and servants and family.  The entire would would be able to relate.

Ann also became the first woman to win the Asian Film Award's Lifetime Achievement Award.  She did not feel special and believed that in the future will mention it.  She admitted that Hong Kong film is still male driven.  Sister Deanie added that so is Hollywood.  As for future film projects, Ann revealed that she already has two creations, stories with Hong Kong background and history.  Yet she will have to decide which one will have investors.  She will not restrict her production subject due to previous success.  As for actors who she would like to work with the most, Ann said that she has many like Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Tony Leung Ka Fai.  In the past they often due to scheduling were unable to work together.

In addition, Indonesian actor Donny Damara with LOVELY MAN won Asian Best Actor.  In the film he played a father who in order to support his daughter's education went to the city and cross dressed as a prostitute.  Actually he in order to play the character well truly observed the lives of prostitutes in their environment.

Because Indonesian film only maintained a rate of 25 or so films annually, Donny would like to work with even more actors of different nations and places.  As for Chinese actors, Lau Tak Wa, Zhang Ziyi and Joan Chen are all actors who he would like to work with.

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