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Shu Qi supported Donnie Yen Chi Tan during his word of wars with Vincent Zhao Wenzhou and attracted online attacks, leading to her past erotic photos being dug up.  Shu Qi thus removed her microblog, which attracted online discussions.  yesterday Shu Qi's fan club revealed that Shu Qi said she was great on her official site, of course she also had some not so good days too but she thanked people who have harmed her.

Yesterday the fan club posted RETURN TO THE SIMPLE BEGINNING, which was also the first public comment since Shu Qi removed her microblog.  "She is very good, but of course she also has some days that aren't so good.  She thanked the people who harmed her.  The past is not her scar, but a story of her journey.  I think she feels proud.  Encourage each other with good intention in the heart, encourage each other with good intention in the heart."  This post mentioned Shu Qi said that mutual blames and criticisms would only add to the negative energy and that the microblog was a place for release.  Hopefully people who need help in the future will receive even more attention.  Hopefully from now on there will be no more dispute and even more warmth.

In addition, the always direct director Feng Xiaogang scolded people who insulted Shu Qi online and told Shu Qi that she still has a name Siu Siu (Smile, her character name in the Feng Xiaogang directed IF YOU ARE THE ONE).  Feng Xiaogang posted, "Shu Qi closed her microblog because she couldn't stand the dirty insult.  She is a friend who I respect.  Her most valuable quality is her kindness.  I can't accept some people would insult her with such cruel language.  Can I scold people?  Some would definitely say, you can't.  Because you are a public figure.  You are wrong, I absolutely wouldn't let this identity kidnap me.  Shu Qi, don't forget, you still have a name Siu Siu."

Denise Ho Wan Si posted that Shu Qi was a very beautiful woman from the inside out and comforted Shu Qi not to be heartbroken over some nonsense.  Yen Chi Tan posted an apology online to Shu Qi and others.  "Thank you friends for your support, at the same time because of your sense of justice, I am sorry that everyone is dragged in needlessly.  Toward the out of control online violence, I feel powerless, heartache and anger!  I still say what I said a week ago, 'If you want to bully someone come here!' The unjust will self-destruct, please consider."

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