Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Xia Yu, Jessica C. and Deng Jiajia attended their film DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG) Hong Kong Film Market press conference.  This film was shot in Taiwan and the actors yesterday talked about their experience.  Everyone thanked Cho Ming for taking them around to taste the local food.  However, actually Cho Ming suffered a lot in the film, "Little Cho Ming" in particular.  Cho Ming by the end of the film even shot a video to apologize to his parents because earlier he did not tell his parents that he would make these scenes.

At the event Cho Ming reenacted how he was kicked, as all the actors pretended to kick him.  Later Cho Ming pointed out that for this film he was almost kicked 100 times.  Of course during the shoot he wore protection.  Yet sometimes he still would be nailed.  He usually would not speak up, stood aside and jumped around to pretend to adjust his protection.  He did not want to tell anyone out of fear that they would hold back and made the shoot even more difficult.

Cho Ming also joked that Jessica C. was the most vicious.  He also said that originally in the script Xia Yu was the one who was kicked, but somewhat it became him.  He did not mind though and thought this time was a very rare experience.

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