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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) yesterday was officially released, but many who have seen advanced screening gave it rave reviews and the response was ideal.  Although Chin Wa was pregnant,
she still tried to attend the Hong Kong promotions.  Earlier she was interviewed with Shawn Yue Man Lok and Mini Yang Mi.  After working together twice, Chin Wa and Lok Jai were already good friends.  Their conversations had sparks, but "big kid" Lok Jai told dirty jokes in front of Chin Wa and the baby.  Chin Wa shook her head and sighed.

In the film one of Lok Jai's lines "pink nipples are hard to come by" won viewers' applause.  Lok jai was asked if he was looking for them in real life as well.  He cracked up and said that he never ran into any.  He joked, "The ones I run into are all normal color, haha."  Chin Wa could not help but stare at him and shook her head.  She lamented, "What a shame, when the baby is born I don't know you, how gross."  What was Chin Wa looking for?  She said, "I am after health, healthy breast milk is fine."  Was Chin Wa afraid that her figure would be lost after giving birth?  She admitted that she would not be worried.  Instead now she would pay attention to her diet and has a coach who teach her how to slim down after giving birth.  She said, "As a mother I don't think about that, otherwise I wouldn't have it.  At this stage of life, the baby's health is the most important."

Lok Jai asked when Chin Wa would return to work.  Chin Wa said that after she recovered she would.  Later Lok Jai was asked whether he wanted to make a third film.  Lok Jai pointed out of course.  Chin Wa pointed out that she was very lucky to make this film, another month later she would not be able to.  Lok Jai immediately said, "Because you made this movie, you are pregnant so fast."  He revealed that during the Beijing shoot, Real Ting Chi Ko visited the set for two days.  Lok Jai joked, "It was on those two days,  two days nonstop do you know how long you have to work?  It already was plenty of time."  Chin Wa immediately said, "If it was on those two days, the expectant date wouldn't be in mid June."  Lok Jai still joked that he and Pang Ho Cheung already took credit for it and even joked that Chin Wa might have another if she made another film.  Chin Wa immediately yelled, "Deranged!  Jinx."  Then she struck back at Yue Man Lok, "Then it would be your turn!  One chicken two dishes!  Sometimes it's very coincidental, wedding and parenthood come at once."

Yang Mi was asked whether the guy she was after was her current boyfriend Harwick Lau Hoi Wai?  Yang Mi said that they were already together.  Did she feel her boyfriend was the best? She said, "Pretty good."

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