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Jing Tian misses out of working with Vincent Zhao
Vi ncent Zhao says that he originally signed on to make the Jackie Chan produced JUNG  GIK MUK MA due to the fight scene with Donnie Yen.  When the film fell through and turned into the Donnie Yen produced, Clarenece Ford directed DUT SHU SUN FUN the scene disappeared and he planned to turn it down.  The production promised him that the scene would be added back in.

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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan produced and action directed film DUT SHU SUN FUN (SPECIAL IDENTITY) has fallen into a dispute with one of the leads Vincent Zhao Wenzhou since its production start.  Both sides recently kept issuing statements, which led to continuous outside speculations.  Two days ago Zhao Wenzhou in a Mainland newspaper interview spoke for the first time about the real reason of leaving the production.  He said that Yen Chi Tan without his permission changed the script, forcing him to leave.  He called Yen a "scene hog" and urged Chinese film productions to strengthen script change specifications.

Zhao Wen Zhou said, "I want to say that the real arrogant one wasn't me but Yen Chi Tan.  Because I could fight with Yen Chi Tan in the film, I was especially excited.  This was also the point that drove me to agree to perform, I even included this scene in the contract.  If the script was changed, it must have my permission."  Yet the new script removed many scenes.  His part was moved from the main story to a secondary plot and his position went from lead to supporting role.  "They violated the contract.  On February 27th I asked for a meeting with the director, the production supervisor and Yen Chi Tan to discuss the script change directions.  Because a Hong Kong newspaper claimed that I was upset, at the meeting I asked the production to issue a statement the next day.  Everyone on hand agreed, only Yen chi Tan did not say anything."  The next day, Zhao Wenzhou received the production notice that the statement was scrapped due to Yen Chi Tan not giving permission.  "On the 29th, the production terminated its contract with me."

DUT SHU SUN FUN on the 4th issued a statement through its microblog and criticized Zhao Wenzhou for a variety of arrogant behavior, his one day room and board called 50,000 yuan and he demanded the production to be responsible for his wife, two children, nanny, English instructor and other expenses.  Zhao Wenzhou said that this was only the production's smoke screen to cover it real conflict focus of script changes.  "Earlier I heard people said that Yen Chi Tan was a 'scene hog', I now suspect he was in control of that report."  As for the reason, he said that he had no idea.

Yen Chi Tan's spokesperson responded, "It isn't the truth, Chi Tan doesn't need to respond.  At first Chi Tan highly recommended Zhao Wenzhou to the film company.  After learning that he did not accept any work order, Chi Tan even took the initiative to investigate.  If Zhao Wenzhou truly said that, Chi Tan felt extremely disappointed."

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