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Teddy Robin Kwan two nights ago attended the 17th Independent Film and Video Awards as a guest presenter.  Also present was Anthony Wong Yiu Ming.  Teddy Robin pointed out that this year's participant quality was higher than last year's.  He hoped to find new blood for the film industry.  Speaking of the seemingly less opportunities for new comers than before, he said, "I feel timing is more important than opportunity.  If you have an opportunity but don't know what to do with it, it is a waste instead.  Thus new comers have to keep learning to better themselves and wait for their time."

Speaking of new work plans, Teddy revealed that he will work with Raymond Wong Pak Ming and direct a film.  The script was still being conceived.  This film will not have any subject limit, as he only wanted to spread a certain type of message.  Wong Pak Ming's films have always been commercial, Teddy did not mind.  Of course he too would like it to be appreciated by all.   Who would he like to work with?  Teddy joked that everyone wanted to work with stars, but it would depend on whether they would have time.  Earlier he wanted to ask Eason Chan Yik Shun, but he was very busy and will not have time until next year.  As for the work in competition, Wong Yiu Ming admitted that that he extremely admired the participants' creativity.  He also said that he thought NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) and A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) both were full of Hong Kong flavor.

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