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The Andy Lau Tak Wa recommended, Focus Theatre Limited imported to Hong Kong for the first time play THE YELLOW STORM two nights ago performed three shows over two days.  The opening night was quite a success.  The proceeds from the three shows will be donated to the Andy Lau charitable foundation.

Lau Tak Wa during intermission rushed backstage to visit and cheer for the cast.  He and Deanie Ip Tak Han chased down Qin Hailu who was made up to look old for a photo.  Wa Jai joked that standing next to Qin Hailu, he and Sister Deanie immediately looked younger.

Although the intermission was only 15 minutes, Wa Jai and Sister Deanie ran backstage to greet everyone.  After the actors saw Wa Jai they immediately went into a frenzy and they fought for photos with him, as if it was a Wa Jai mini fan club meeting.

Wa Jai and Sister Deanie aside from posing with the cast even mischievously chased down Qin Hailu for a photo.  They said that Hailu's cute fat old lady look was rare and they even made their own poses and faces like three big kids.  Hailu enjoyed being among this "mother and son" pair.

Before the opening, the China National Theater chief and all the cast posed with investor of their Hong Kong performance Lau Tak Wa.  The team seriously got into position and waited for Wa Jai to stand in the middle, as if they were posing for their graduation photo.

THE YELLOW STORM's first show received overwhelming response.  After the show the cast thanked the audience and received thunderous applause.  Qin Hailu's performance opened everyone's eyes because the character showcased her in a way that was never before seen in film.  She left a deep impression with the audience.

Many female viewers like Candice Yu On On and Fala Chen were moved to tears by Huang Lei's character.  Actually Fala Chen has always been a Huang Lei fan.  She has always watched his film and television series performance.  Thus after the show Fala dragged Steven Ma Chun Wai backstage to meet Huang Lei.  The little fan could not be more excited to see Huang Lei.  Originally she wanted to take a photo with her phone but since he was removing his make up she did not want to disturb him.  Finally Fala received an autographed from Teacher Huang and she was very grateful.  She said that she reaped a full harvest from watching this

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