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Show business model couple Lau Ching Wan and Amy Kwok Oi Ming last night attended a fashion label flagship store opening in Taiwan.

On Sunday (the 15th) the 31st Hong Kong Film Award will take place.  Nominated with LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) and OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2) for Best actor, Ching Wan was not nervous at all and did not think much about this as he has done all he could.  His wife Kwok Oi Ming said, "He has both won and lost!"  Which opponent did Ching Wan feel is the strongest?  He said, "Every opponent is very outstanding, but I haven't seen A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH).  I only saw LET THE BULLETS FLY.  Now the Hong Kong Film Award is very different from before, it's like a big party, a lot of joy and a lot of fun!  (With two nominations, which one do you want to win?)  I don't dare to think about it. (Are you afraid of crossing the director?)  No, one is the left hand, the other is the right hand, it's hard to choose!  (Are you worried about the vote split?)  I have heard someone say that.  I am already very happy with two nominations, like I won the lottery but was afraid of all the money!"

Speaking of So Hung Shuen's Best Supporting Actress chances with LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE, Ching Wan said, "She truly is very outstanding, but I haven't seen the other films so I don't dare to comment.  Actually both So Hung Shuen and Lo Hoi Pang are very outstanding!"

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