Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Kelvin Kwan, Kary Ng
Michelle Wai

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Jeana Ho keeps her jacket on just to be safe
Mag Lam in a rare back revealing dress
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The film LIVES IN FLAMES (HEI SAI YIU GWUN) premiere took place two nights ago.  In attendance were Mr., Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Irene Wan Bik Ha and others.

After being caught dating rich girl Sally, Mr. lead singer Alan was asked whether he invited his girlfriend.  He said that he did not know and did not see her;  later Dash revealed that he saw her.  Alan still said that she might not be seen as he would give his own tickets to his family first.  Was she not family?  He said not so soon, right now she is just a girlfriend.  That night they might not even sit together.  Since this was his first film, no one had the guts to watch before hand.  He only hoped that the response would be decent so they would have a chance to make another movie.

Lam Tak Shun said that he invited his father George Lam Chi Cheung, but when he learned that it was a public event he said it would depend on his schedule.  Finally Ah Lam did not appear.  Will he watch it again with his father?  Lam Tak Shun said that he would not.  He thought once was enough.  Yet two nights ago his brother and sister came in support.  Michelle Wai (Si Nga) revealed that earlier several junior high school students followed her home and the security guards actually opened the gates for them.  She felt a lack of security and hoped to be able to move later.

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