Monday, April 16, 2012


Mimi Law with Sam Hui
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Two nights ago Sam Hui Koon Kit's concert was Hong Kong University Night as HKU "booked the entire show".  Kay Tse On Kay was the guest performer as she shared the stage with Song god Hui Koon Kit.

Tse On Kay even sang UNDER THE LION ROCK and LET IT BE ME.  A group of HKU alumni like Dr. Edward Leong Che-Hung and Frederick Ma Si Hang were on the stage for the big sing a long.  Two nights ago Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung Was in the audience.  During the karaoke segment he caught Hui Koon Kit's eyes right away and Hui immediately handed him a microphone for a duet.  The Television Best Actor and Song God sang ALL ABOUT AH LONG, after which Sam even gave Cheung Jai's voice a thumbs up.  The night before Sam also invited the pregnant Mimi Law Man Chong to sing TWIN STAR LOVE SONG with him.  Chan Kwok Bong cheered on his wife.

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