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Derek Yee Tung Sing criticized the Hong Kong Film Award for losing professionalism in preference for sentimentality on his microblog and immediately led widespread online discussions.  Some even thought that Yee Tung Sing's comment was just venting for his brother Paul Chun Pui's Best Supporting Actor defeat.  Yee Tung Sing immediately wrote on his microblog that he too voted for Lo Hoi Pang and was not venting for his brother.

Yee Tung Sing yesterday explained his "sentimentality over professionalism" comment, citing that the Hong Kong Film Award voters' thinking of "Because of Hong Kong film is at a disadvantage, vote for Hong Kong film" is wrong.  Because professionals need to be level headed, they need to understand everyone would vote for elders or encouraging alternative subjects.  Yet they should have a line to maintain fairness.  He also praised that Jiang Wen's LET THE BULLETS FLY had a screenplay!  Yee Tung Sing even said that next month the Hong Kong Directors' Guild will hold a meeting to discuss the Hong Kong Film Award.  He will reflect to chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung.

Yee Tung Sing's comment was aimed at this year's Best Director winner Ann Hui On Wa, Best Actress Deanie Ip Tak Han, Best Supporting Actress So Hung Shuen.  So Hung Shuen respected Yee Tung Sing's comment because everything had the freedom of speech.  Yee Tung Sing also said that he and Hui On Wa were good friends, he only wanted to make a suggestion to the Hong Kong Film Award.

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