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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) director Pang Ho Cheung once promised when the film reached HK$20 million at the box office he would perform in the DON'T ASK WHO I AM music video.  Now the film's box office has already exceeded 26 million, Pang Ho Cheung earlier made the music video.  Two nights ago a special premiere was held.  Shawn Yue Man Lok, Linda Wong Hing Ping, June Lam (Brenda), Susan Shaw Yam Yam and others attended.

During the film end credit first came Ah Lok's music video parody, then the director's edition was shown.  The audience kept screaming at how fabulous it was.  Ah Lok jokingly reminded the audience that they had air sickness bags at their seats.  Pang Ho Cheung said that his family knew that he would make this music video and thought that he bumped his head when he was little.  First time watching the director's version, Wong Hing Ping joked that people who watched Ah Lok were fine but after watching the director's they were speechless.  She only thought it was very "stiff".

Pang Ho Cheung also said that he had to treat Ah Lok to dinner to apology because Ah Lok's music video took over 120 takes.  Lok Jai did not get mad until after the 90th one, but he was already angry at the 4th one.  As for which version was funnier, Ah Lok said that the director's definitely.  The director was asked what would happen if the box office broke through 30 million.  He joked that Ah Lok would streak.  If he was truly willing to streak, he would follow.

Wong Hing Ping said that after watching the director's music video she was crying from laughing so hard.  Did she feel she was being lampooned?  She said that she did not.  Instead they worked very hard to look as pretty as they could with make up, but they have already done their best.  She urged viewers against eating or drinking before watching it.  She also praised the director for his skin's complete lack of pores and how smooth it was.

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