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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) after its release on the 29th already made over HK$20 million at the box office.  Although the Mainland performance has been just as encouraging for the film company, due to the severe Mainland piracy issue not only illegal download online but also counterfeit videos were available.  Director Pang Ho Cheung said that they put so much effort into a movie, but when everyone watch it online and upload LOVE IN THE BUFF they are not just taking 50 yuan from his pocket but directly reduce the film company's investment desire and rob film professionals of opportunities to continue to create.

However, the director remained very pleased with the film's box office success.  Earlier at the celebration he said that if the box office would pass 20 million he would perform in the DON'T ASK WHO I AM music video.  He said he would not have time in the near future though as in ten days he would go on vacation, perhaps he would shoot it after his return.  By then the box office should pass 30 million.  Luckily the producer had a measuring tape on hand and immediately took the director's measurements for the costume.

Shawn Yue Man Lok earlier in a media interview asked Media Asia record colleagues to release his DON'T ASK WHO I AM music video for karaoke boxes.  The record company has been actively pursuing this.  Ah Lok said although he was not used to seeing himself as a woman, his buddies often asked him when it would air and that the karaoke video was Linda Wong Hing Ping's video but they had his look in their minds.  They also said that at the end of the year they would promote him to compete for Best New Female Artist at music award shows.  He joked, "The more they talked even I feel I am very pretty and hot, asking the company to create a concert in which I just sang girl songs would be a pretty good idea."

In the film Chun Giu was suspected to have a relationship with Dior Cheng Yi Kin.  Their photos were posted online.  Chin Wa who is on her maternity leave joked, "Some viewers are really funny, the movie has gone to their brains.  Sigh, I am laughing myself to death.  In our business though, I have been in many pictures with many artists.  However I really never imagine viewers after the movie would go back and look for them, and even said that they confirmed Chun Giu and Ekin really dated.  Maybe this proves that everyone really got into the movie."

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