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Jill Vidal (Wai Si), Timothy Cheng Tse Sing, David Lo Dai Wai, Sharon Chan Man Chi and Sammy starred A DREAM TEAM (FAN SUN KEI BING) two nights ago held its premiere.  Leanne Li Yanan, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Fiona Leung Ngai Ling and Hiromi (Yui Mei) came in support.  Because Chan Man Chi and Sammy were at work, they did not appear until after the premiere.

Jacqueline Law Wai Guen reportedly was hospitalized again due to illness.  Man Chi who went to the same church as she did was asked about her condition.  She said, "Lately I have been busy with a series and haven't had time to go to church.  Last year I saw Sister Guen for the first time at church and thought she was very friendly.  At the time she was very healthy.  Sister Guen was moved to tears when she sang hymns, I was moved too.  I grabbed her hand and wished Sister Guen good health.  Sister Guen told me that she hoped to see her at church every time."  Man Chi said that although she did not know about her condition now, she knew that Sister Guen was optimistic and positive.  She believed that nothing would stump her.  Cheng Tse Sing's wife Lau Sin Yi was Sister Guen's good friend.  He said that he did not know about Sister Guen's condition and only knew that his wife was in text message contact with Sister Guen everyday.  He said, "If Sister Guen was not well she wouldn't send any text.  (Her condition) should not be as serious as rumored."  Has Sister Guen been released from the hospital?  Cheng Tse Sing said that he did not know.  Lo Dai Wai said that he was familiar with Sister Guen's family.  He said that he has not contacted her but praised Sister Guen to be a reborn warrior.  He believed that she would optimistically face it.

In addition, Wai Si said that she will promote the film in the U.S. with the cast for two to three weeks.  She would have a chance to visit her boyfriend Tim who was studying film in Los Angeles and would prepare his favorite lemon tea as a gift.  Wai Si said that he will graduate in a year then they hope to wed.  She said that her boyfriend's mother will come to Hong Kong in July and their parents will discuss the the marriage.

Would she wed before her twin sister Janice Vidal (Wai Lan)?  Wai Si said, "Yes, my poor sister, they broke up.  She may very soon find one.  I want us to get married together."  Would she introduce a boyfriend to her sister?  She said that she did not know what type her sister liked.

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