Friday, April 13, 2012


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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) after two weeks has already made HK$24 million at the box office.  Yet recently many uploaded the entire film to YouTube.  Some sites even made the entire film available for download.

Media Asia has immediately issued complaints to YouTube but only received negative response like "to be followed up".  YouTube finally two nights ago (April 12) removed the copyright violating videos.  When Media Asia contacted one of the uploaders to request video removal, they received a foul language reply.  As of April 12, one of the YouTube videos already had over 200,000 hits.  Some sites even made the entire film available for free download and caused irreparable damage to LOVE IN THE BUFF box office.  The loss would be hard to estimate.

Director Pang Ho Cheung said that the film was uploaded as soon as it was released.  He could only answer that he was very helpless and could only follow the official legal procedures.  yet the videos remained online, the worst part was they had absolutely no way to stop them.  However the director still appreciated that many viewers went to the movies in support as the box office already reached 24 million.  Currently overseas Shawn Yue Man Lok helplessly joked, "Now I really want to study computers right away, then I can become a hacker, invade the law breakers' computers and delete all the videos."  He hoped that everyone would go to the movies to support the film because they put a lot of effort into its production.

On her maternity leave Miriam Yeung Chin Wa felt just as helpless.  She said, "I am about to give birth, this will be the last movie before I give birth.  Of course it's better to the movies than staring at the mon(itor) at home.  Watching a movie is better with friends and popcorn!  I have many single friends who immediately have dates after watching this movie, you have to believe it.  If you go a few more times I guarantee you will be a parent!"

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