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Ken Hung
Sherman Chung, Vincy Chan
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Jackie Chan
Carina Lau
Jiang Wen in a bad mood repay the favor to the paparazzi
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Carina Lau Ka Ling and Jiang Wen two nights ago was unable to win with LET THE BULLETS FLY the Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor respectively and the film only won Best Make Up and Costume Design, after the ceremony Ka Ling and Jiang Wen still attended the Emperor celebration.  Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing even attended with his singers like Sherman Chung Shu Man, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Kathy Tang Yi and Michelle Wai (Si Nga).  Yeung Sau Sing's buddy Jackie Chan also attended.

Jiang Wen changed in something casual and entered the back of the hotel.  He did not respond to whether he was disappointed, he only removed his hat and nod at reporters.  Jiang Wen stayed for a hour then left with his wife Zhou Yun, film producer and crew.  Yeung Sau Sing also personally saw them out.  When reporters took pictures Jiang Wen also said, "There's nothing to shoot!"  Before getting in his vehicle Jiang Wen even took out his phone and took a photo with reporters.  Ka Ling attended alone two nights ago.  Was she disappointed for Jiang Wen?  Ka Ling admitted that she was a little but she pointed out that he was a very professional performing artist.  She said that an award depended on luck.  She saw the awards for A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) and FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP) and she was happy for them.  She was also happy for Wa Jai.  She was happy for anyone who won.  As for losing to So Hung Shuen, was she disappointed?  She said that she expected it.  Ka Ling did not leave until 3AM.

Wing Yi would like to work with Jiang Wen.  Earlier she made a movie but thought her acting was flat.  Watching her work again, she was a little frightened.  Now she is more mature and has certain experience, she believed she would be much better.  Wing Yi also said that she would like to play a character with a personality split or a murderer, she would not mind playing ugly either.  Hung Cheuk Lap said that he really liked Sister Deanie and hoped to have a chance to work with her, even as a background board he was fine.  With Jiang Wen's rare appearance two nights ago, Hung Cheuk Lap joked that he had to "kneel" before him.  He also said that he would like to work with Jiang Wen but believed that was wishing thinking.  If he had the chance, he would not only work for free but even pay to work.

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