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80s and 90s action actress Elaine Lui Siu Ling's mother (Chan Yuk Kun) passed away on the 21st at the age of 83.  Her funeral will take place on the 9th in Hung Hom.  Lui Siu Ling rarely appeared in the public in recent years because the scripts and the offers she received were not suitable.  With her aging mother becoming ill more frequently she stayed home more to keep her company.  She also fell in love with calligraphy.  Recently her mother's condition deteriorated and she and her family have always been by her side.  Fortunately her mother peacefully passed away.  She said that she joined the film industry thanks to her mother's repeated encouragement and support.  Now that her mother has left her inevitably she felt sad and down.

Whenever she remembered her mother, she would look at her photo with her late mother in detail.  One of which was from a media interview two years ago.  Her mother went to the Avenue of the Stars with her and they even took pictures together.  Recently many family and friends called to offer their condolences to her and her family, which they appreciated very much.  After taking care of her mother's affairs she would return to work.

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