Sunday, April 15, 2012


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The Chen Kuan Tai founded Chinese Traditional Kung Fu Association yesterday held an opening ceremony in Kwun Tong.  Guests included president Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, Teddy Robin Kwan, Jason Pai Piao, Leung Siu Lung and Susan Shaw Yam Yam.  The chair Chen Kuan Tai hoped to reform martial arts without any differentiation between schools.  Martial art was a big family and he hoped to achieve "martial art spirit with both art and virtue".

Wong Chau Sun joked that the job of the president was to give money to develop martial arts, as for how much he gave he would not comment.  Chau Sun said that he has liked martial art since he was little, opening a martial art school was his dream.  He said, "Master Chan Sau Chung and I rented an unit before.  I always watched them pretend to be monkeys, under their influence I went to become an apprentice."  Could Chau Sun fight?  Chau Sun said, "At my age I can't."  Chau Sun also explained that the Association was named because it was not just one school or style but hoped to promote the traditional spirit.

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