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LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) after 20 days in release made over HK$25 million.  Director Pang Ho Cheung as promised shot DON'T ASK WHO I AM music video and guaranteed that it would only be shown in Hong Kong cinemas to show his appreciation to viewers.

Earlier the director shot in a Chai Wan studio.  The director that day put on makeup while studying both Linda Wong Hing Ping's original version and Shawn Yue Man Lok's parody version to come up with how to make his version even funnier.  When the director started to change, the set was already filled with endless laughter.  In particular with his extremely outstanding figure and the trademark sunglasses, his flirtatious expressions had everyone rolling on the floor.  Halfway through the shoot the director and the photographer plotted to grab the crew and forced them in front of the camera, making everyone on the set shattered.

DON'T ASK WHO I AM singer Wong Hing Ping yesterday also visited the set.  As soon as she arrived and saw the director in costume she could not stop laughing.  "I can't tell it's you at all!"  Linda even praised the director as pretty from the side and even personally fixed the director's hair.  The director asked Linda about the authentic "butterfly hands".  Linda said that she thought no one could surpass Yue Man Lok, she did not expect the director to have such great skin.  Although the director wore glasses, his eyes actually were very large.  The director felt satisfied with his own female disguise and said that this time was his first performance without glasses.  He even said that several guys asked him for his number.  Linda joked, "If you don't stop I am really going to hit you!"

The director said that the new music video will be shown during the LOVE IN THE BUFF end credit starting the 19th and will not appear online.  Pirates will have no way to pirate it.  Only Hong Kong viewers will be able to enjoy it at the movies.  The director said that when everyone finished with Yue Man Lok's video they would see his appearance.  Linda helplessly said, "Wouldn't it be too much?  I urge everyone to take a seat first.  I am a little worried that maybe in 20 years people would feel yours would be the official versions of DON'T ASK WHO I AM.....then what?"  As for who was better, the director joked that he was more feminine and more erotic while Lok Jai's face was more masculine.

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