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Shu Qi attended a cosmetic brand store opening in Taipei.Earlier when the Donnie Yen Chi starred film DUT SHU SUN FUN announced the termination of Vincent Zhao Wenzhou's contract Zhao and Yen fell into a war of words.  Shu Qi supported Yen Chi On on her microblog and was swept into the storm.  Netizens even acted out of vengeance and made Shu Qi angrily removed her microblog.  When asked whether Shu Qi's mood has recovered, Shu Qi said that since having a microblog she became lazy.  Now she has time to read books that she missed and write on her official fan site.  Yet her mood more or less had ups and downs.  Many friends who she has not seen in a long time sent messages to her though.  Receiving everyone's ample love, she actually was still very happy.

Director Peter Chan Ho Sun lost NT$500 million on THE WARLORDS (TAU MING JONG) production.  Reportedly Sandra Ng Kwan Yu kept making movies for the family.  Yet Kwan Yu yesterday sang a different tune in Taiwan.  She said that Chan Ho Sun is very romantic, while she would make two to three movies a year.  She said that her salary could not help him with his debt, and even joked that if he truly owed tens of millions he would better not touch her personal account.  This was the reason that they did not marry.

Kwan Yu said that the report was very exaggerated, even she was amazed after reading it.  Because the debt could not be so much, she was certainly that it was media speculation.  Being said to be paying off Chan Ho Sun's debt, she said that she never stopped making movies.  She came to make Taiwan movies to support Taiwan film.  Kwan Yu explained that Chan Ho Sun was a romantic, he always talked about debts but forgot that actually he made money too.  They have been together for 15 years.  The recent debt left Chan Ho Sun still without a home and made people feel that Kwan Yu's life was very tough.  She said, "Unable to afford homes is the tragedy of Hong Kong people, they can't afford the ones that they like.  The ones that they like cost 300 million."  They invested money elsewhere and were not as everyone imagined them to be.

Chan Ho Sun also criticized Andy Lau Tak Wa and Tony Leung Chiu Wai's acting.  She said for Chan Ho Sun, "They privately still have dinner with Wa Jai and are in contact.  I am an actress too so I have no way to comment.  Yet Chan Ho Sun has made many movies, he only critiqued based on his own feeling.  It wasn't criticism."

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