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Jun Kung Shek Leung last year with the film MERRY GO ROUND theme song HERE TO STAY won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Original Song.  This year he again with the film HI FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) theme song won the Best Original Song.  He also wrote the song, Sandy Lam Yik Lin performed, and Calvin Poon Yuen Leung wrote the lyric.  Earlier Jun worked on his new song music video, the director of which was MERRY GO ROUND's Yanyan Mak Yuen Yan.  Jun was very happy that they worked together again.  That day they celebrated Jun's award with champagne.  Jun said that winning an award two years in a row felt like a dream.  He said that when he held the award he truly felt very honored and excited.  Would he raise his price after winning an award?  He said that he was lucky to win the award twice.  He would not write songs for awards.  This time he wrote many songs for Lam Yik Lin's Beijing producer to choose.  Finally three were chosen.  He said that he would not consider price first.

After winning a Hong Kong Film Award Jun received a text message from Lam Yik Lin and they congratulated each other.  Yik Lin has never won this award before.  He thought Yik Lin was an alternative artist.  He also praised Yik Lin.  "Her voice is known to be beautiful.  She is a beautiful person, attentive and considerate.  She is very classical and elegant."  As for their rumor, Jun only said that Yik Lin is a beautiful woman.  Earlier when Yik Lin went on tour he could not go due to schedule conflicts.  Yik Lin asked him later whether he did not like her songs.  Jun said, "Yik Lin's songs are evergreen, once on tour some fans would cry after hearing her song.  I was affected too."

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