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Mia Chen, Christine Kuo, Linah Matsuoka, Liu Yuqi, Sita Chan
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TVB BATTLE OF THE SENSES Monster Angel Pak Wan is a guest star
Linah Matsuoka, Dominic Ho
Kelvin Kwan, Christine Kuo
Mia Chen, Avis Chen
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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Christine Kuo, mother/model Mia Chen Jing Yi and Chrissie Chau Sau Na's boyfriend Avis Chan Wai Sing, Japanese model Linah Matsuoka and Sugar Club Kandy's boyfriend and Bro5 member Dominic Ho Ho Man yesterday attended as three couples the new film LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) production start worship ceremony.  In the film they all had intimate scenes, but the guys all said that they did not warn their girlfriends in advance and were not afraid that they would be jealous.  Mia and Avis earlier met to read the script and angered his girlfriend Chau Sau Na.  Yesterday they did not hold back.  They were like conjoint twins and during photos Mia even put her chest on Avis, without any fear of angering Sister Na again.

Yesterday the actresses were all sexy, Mia even displayed four inch "career line" (cleavage) to become the sexiest.  In comparison, Christine Kuo was much more reserved.  Christine Kuo said that this way was special as she did not want the outside to mistake that she was transitioning.  She would not play a bad girl either, she just liked to hang out.  In the film she and Kelvin had many passionate bed scenes.  Kelvin said that he rarely made such scenes and being a little nervous was inevitable.  He said, "I have absolutely no intimate scene experience at all, before hand everyone need more communication to be able to perform convincingly."  Christine Kuo admitted that she would not feel embarrassed because actors should make more different attempts.  Would his girlfriend visit the set?  Kelvin said, "No, we completely trust each other.  I will bring my girlfriend to the premiere."  They revealed that they had two passionate scenes.  Would they need to be naked?  Kelvin said that this was a IIB rated film but they would still get into shape.  Would Christine Kuo show her bra?  She said she did not know yet, as long as the result was not cheap they would be sweet and romantic like an average couple.

Mia revealed that she had Avis would have bed scenes.  For more shocking effects, she started drinking papaya milk to "pump up her chest".  First time being topless in front of an audience, Avis said that he would drink powder milk to work on his muscles.  Recently his rumors with Mia angered Sister Na.  Would he watch himself a little more?  Avis said, "As long as we trust each other we are fine, no matter what you know I am not that daring."  Mia said that Sister Na was better off worrying about the other girls because the film had many girls.  Avis also said that his girlfriend would not be in Hong Kong so she would not supervise on the set.  Since she was never mad to start with, last time she was just a little frustrated.  She would never check up on him because love was about trust.

Dominic revealed that his girlfriend Kandy was upset for five minutes after learning that he would have a kiss scene with Linah Matsuoka.  Now she is already fine.  Did he have to kiss her first?  He said that they have to make time because they had a tough time scheduling to see each other.  He said that he worried the most about his girlfriend supervising on the set because she thought Linah Matsuoka was a big threat.  Could he accept her kiss scene?  Dominic said that her height and look was not suitable for it, but at work he could accept it.  At most he would be upset for ten minutes in front of her.

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