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Zhou Yun, Jiang Wen
Nicholas Tse
Sammo Hung
Kwai Lun-Mei
Coco Lee
Lin Li
Mini Yang Mi
Carina Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Amy Kwok, Lau Ching Wan
Rachel Lee, Calvin Poon
Sammie Yu, Ronald Cheng
Rose Chan
Sandra Ng, Peter Chan
Icy Wong
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The 31st Hong Kong Film Award took plae last night at the Cultural center.  The red carpet before the award show has always been where the stars fought for attention, but the prettiest had to be the mermaid Shu Qi.  Indeed she and Lau Ching Wan won last night's "Best Dressed" award.  Last year's Best Actor Carina Lau Ka Ling in her low V cut long dress and her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai tightly holding hands
at their arrival was also a bright spot.  As for this year's Best Actress favorite Deanie Ip Tak Han she wore a see through black dress with a glittering blue swimsuit style shirt.  The sexiest was Now anchor Icy Wong
Yuen Man with her super low cut dress.  She joked, "Even I don't dare to look!  I feel like 2/3 is shown!"

Shu Qi and Anthony Wong chau Sun were interviewed together.  Dressed as a mermaid Shu Qi's golden evening gown let reporters in awe, which made her somewhat embarrassed.  Has she taken safety precautions?  She mischievously asked, "Do you want me to show them to you?"  Today is Shu Qi's birthday.  Earlier she revealed that she had many suitors.  Who would she celebrate with?  She joked that because she had too many suitors she did not know who to celebrate with, but she admitted that Stephen Fung Tak Lun asked her out and called her.  As for her birthday wish she wished for good health and for the bad to leave quickly.  At this time Chau Sun chimed in and said that in her love life he also wished for the bad to leave quickly and for the good to arrive soon.  Ka Ling and Wai Jai arrived lovingly.  Wai Jai admitted that he rushed back from the Mainland to support Ka Ling.  If Ka Ling won how would they celebrate?  Ka Ling said that the award would already be a huge encouragement and that she would only win if Wai Jai was absent, thus she said that she had no chance.  Wai Jai was very surprised at what she said, but Ka Ling added that actually Wai Jai to her was already a huge award.

Ip Tak Han entered with Andy Lau Tak Wa, Ann Hui On Wa and others.  Ip Tak Han said that she spent six hours on her see through look.  She said, "It's OK!  (Did you deliberately dressed up because later you would have to get on stage and accept the award?)  No, Wa Jai asked someone to design it.  (Can you accept see through?)  It's OK!"  Wa Jai gave her a score of 100 and said, "How many people can wear this?  In six short hours she can dress so prettily!"  The YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE team including Giddens Ko, Michelle Chen and Ko Chen-Tung walked the red carpet together, but Emerson Tsai kept stepping Michelle Chen's long dress behind her.  Luckily Ko Chen-Tung caught her in time to keep her from falling.  Speaking of the rumor that they were gambling in Macau and Ko Chen-Tung even used foul language when he lost, Ko Chen-Tung immediately denied that he used foul language and said that later he also won.

One of the masters of ceremony Ronald Cheng Chung Kei appeared for the first time in public with his wife Sammie Yu Si Man.  Ronald said, "We are always out there, but we never stand together!  Today I am very nervous."  Angelababy wore HK$1.35 million diamond jewelry and a blue sequenced dress.  She said that because she could not use tape with this dress, she had to use hair for cover and safety pins.  Thus she was a little nervous!  Speaking of fellow masters of ceremony would definitely make fun of her gossip, she said that she went to sleep early and hoped that she could take it.  Rachel Lee Lai Chun appeared in support of her boyfriend and Best New Director nominee Calvin Poon Yuen Leung.  Will she come back for her boyfriend's movie?  She worried that if they work together they would argue and affect their relationship!  Poon Yuen Leung said that it would depend on the investors' arrangements and would not eliminate the possibility.

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