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Sam Hui Koon Kit's four show concert wrapped up two nights ago.  Sam invited his "long lost" god daughter Gigi Leung Wing Kei to be his guest.  God father Sam urged the recently married Gigi to have a baby soon to satisfy his grandchild wish.

Sam in the last show was very high and sang until almost midnight.  He sang his final encore SONG OF PRODIGAL SON with the audience before completing the show.  The atmosphere was both cheerful and warmth.  When he shook hands with the audience and bid farewell, he even said that he would miss them and hopefully would see them soon.  Sam's god daughter Gigi performed in a red dress.  They sang TODAY together and Sam played the guitar.

Gigi after the performance asked for a kiss from her god father.  Sam joked that he and Gigi have been lost for several years without any contact.  Gigi asked her god father not to hide himself and appear more, as everyone missed him very much.  Sam mischievously said to Gigi, "As soon as you have news about a grandchild tell me, I am jonesing for grandchildren......hee......"  Gigi promised to inform him as soon as she knew and made her god father very happy.

In addition, during the karaoke with the audience Sam had so much respect that he got Wong Hung Sau and Cally Kwong Mei Wan who had a sore throat to sing.  Sam made Nat Chan Pak Cheung sing AH LONG LOVE SONG but Sam did not want to "neglect" Lady Sau next to him and asked them to say a sweet duet.  Originally Lady Sau who did not want to sing under Sam's sincere invitation made an exception.  Kwong Mei Wan who has not performed for awhile despite her sore throat could not turn down Sam's enthusiastic invitation.  Despite the difference in male and female voices, she made the adjustment and sang TWIN STAR LOVE SONG and received the applause of the entire crowd.

Always heavy on the family concept, Sam even treated his fans like family.  Last night after the show, he and the Hui family posed for a photo backstage.  He said that everyone was together happily at the Hong Kong Coliseum for another unforgettable and happy memory.

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