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The Harwick Lau Hoi Wai, Mini Yang Mi and Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred romantic comedy HOLD JUI OI (HOLD ON TO LOVE) yesterday held a launch ceremony in Sanya, Hainan and symbolized the film official production start.  Hoi Wai and Yang Mi did not accept any media interview but on stage they kept flirting, leaving Chau Sau Na complaining.

Hoi Wai accepted a brief interview with the host on the stage.  He said that two days ago he just arrived in Hainan but felt the scenery was very pretty.  He was very happy.  Yang Mi earlier has already begun work.  Because they had to shoot in the hills and the marsh where a lot of bugs and lizards were, she often screamed during the shoot.  Hoi Wai often received complaint calls from his girlfriend.  How did working as a couple feel?  He said that it was OK, at first they worried about not being able to hold back their laughter during their scenes.  They did not during the real shoot.  In addition they communicated even more and were able to add situation from their relationship into the film.

Director Zhang Qi revealed that off screen they were even sweeter.  In a hand holding scene he already yelled cut but they did not let go.  They even began to play with their hands.  Hoi Wai even lightly patted the back of his girlfriend's hand!  Did the director mind working with a couple, he said that actually Yang Mi was confirmed to be the female lead a long time ago, later they wanted to a male star who Hong Kong and Taiwan were familiar with.  He thought Hoi Wai matched her well and began to negotiate with him last August and signed a contract in November.  "I like everyone else only found out that they were dating in January, but I feel like I won first prize."  Did they steal Chau Sau Na's thunder?  She said, "Yeah!  But they really are very sweet!"  Sister Na said that Hainan has a lot of fruit that were very sweet.  She could only have more fruit to counter their sweetness.  Sister Na also had to shoot in the hills.  In one scene she had to spend all day in the water.  At the time she was very afraid of bugs crawling on her.

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