Friday, April 20, 2012


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After director Derek Yee Tung Sing earlier accusing the Hong Kong Film Award for not being professional enough, the Hong Kong Film Award chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung said that everyone has a right to speak.  Director Wong Jing yesterday wrote on his microblog, "Chan Ka Seung, you say at the Hong Kong Film Award everyone has the right to express opinions, but ten years ago when I spoke up, why were people who express their opinions today able to lead the public and raise a Cultural Revolution style attack against me?  Can you give me an explanation?"

Wong Jing stressed that he was only complaining.  "I was just talking about what happened over a decade ago."

However, Wong Jing last night posted again that in recent years the Hong Kong Film Award winning films were often previewed in the Mainland at the end of the year then went wide release in March before the Hong Kong Film Award, which would affect voter desire.  He wrote, "Films that were previewed should be prohibited from being re-released before the vote, otherwise there is no public trust to speak of."

Chan Ka Seung stressed on his microblog that the Hong Kong Film Award gave one vote per person with no room for fraud.

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