Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Daniel Chan Hiu Tung and Eric Moo (Mo Kai Yin) yesterday attended the film WE NOT NAUGHTY press conference.  The film will open Friday in Taiwan and has already opened in Singapore and Malaysia.  They hoped that the film will be able to perform well in Taiwan as well.  This time director Jack Neo (Leung Chi Keung) asked Chan Hiu Tung to star as the "cattle class" teacher.  In the film he had to fulfill his promise as a teacher and streak.  Chan Hiu Tung tossed away his idol burden for this scene and streaked in front of 200 students.  Speaking of this scene, Tung Tung said that at the first he was not bashful at all and did not ask for the set to be cleared.  He said that he did not know where the courage came from.  He felt that as long as he was in a film production, he was particularly self confident about things that he normally would not do.  Leung Chi Keung admitted that at first he was worried that Tung Tung would not agree.  Tung Tung at first hesitated but finally still gave his all.

Ko Chen-Tung in YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE also had a rear revealing scene.  The comparison was inevitable.  Chan Hiu Tung was super confident about his rear.  Mo Kai Yin also said that he looked pretty good.  Yet whose was better?  Tung Tung bashfully pretended to be busy and ended the subject.  Chan Hiu Tung also was asked he would repay fans by streaking if the film would perform well in Taiwan.  He immediately said, "If I do it again, no one would ask me to make a movie!"

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