Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Jason Chan Pak Yu yesterday attended the 2012 1st Toronto Chinese Film Festival award presentation (Hong Kong)" at the Film Archive.  Winning Excellent Actor with LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO) Chan Pak Yu said that he did not know whether this was his first film award.  He said that the company hoped that he would focus on music and thus he did not actively looking for movie opportunities.  He hoped to have a chance to make police films in the future.  Chan Pak Yu also said that earlier he went to Taiwan for half a month and gained a lot of weight.  Thus now he has to actively lose weight.  Reporters said that he gained weight from dating.  He said that it was one of the reasons.  Earlier he and his girlfriend were caught dating, Chan Pak Yu said, "Girlfriend doesn't mind having her picture taken, but she minds that she was caught without make up.  Ultimately girls like to be pretty for pictures."

In addition the transgender cop Kitty Lai won Best Actor with MARIAGE SANS FRONTIERES won Best Actor but did not attend the ceremony.  Producer Nip Ling revealed that he could not contact him recently and guessed that he was overseas.  The final contact was already a month ago.  Was she worried that Kitty would have emotional issue?  She said, "Probably a little stress, but Kitty was very happy to learn about the award."

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