Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Yesterday Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Nobel Prize for Literature winner Sir V.S. Naipaul attended a Carrera sponsored Liberatum Literature and Art exhibit to discuss new media's influence on film.

Yin Cho will produce his good friend Stephen Fung Tak Lun's new film HUNG SING GAI (CONTROL CITY SCHEME).  He also revealed that if their film TAI CHI 0 would be a commercial and critical hit, it would become a trilogy.  When asked if he would try to make a movie with iPhone or a camera, he said it would depend on the genre.  He also thought that such a format would be more realistic and documentary like, but it would not be suitable for a big film.

He revealed that he wrote a story but someone told him the content was too sensitive and would not receive Mainland approval for release, so he set it aside for now.  "The subject is about euthanasia.  (Would you accept euthanasia?)  If I am hopeless and only have half a year to live, why suffer?  However I may not be able to do it."

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