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Deanie Ip appeared on Cha Siu Yan's radio interview
Lo Hoi Pang
So Hung Shuen
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Veteran artist So Hung Shuen two nights ago with the film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) won the Best Supporting Actress Hong Kong Film Award, her first award; yet because she was in a hospital she was unable to accept the award in person.  Yesterday she revealed over the phone, "I don't want to accept the award looking sick and sitting in a wheelchair, later after I am released I will see everyone again."

Sister Shuen energetically talked about her condition.  "I have diabetes and have already had it for awhile.  I took it lightly though, thinking after becoming a vegetarian for years I would have no problem.  Then on the Lunar third I was dizzy and had to be hospitalized.  There I stayed for three months, my health is obviously a little worse.  Now I am much more spirited because I am about to be released after another week or so."  Although she won her first award she was unable to personally accept it, Sister Shuen did not feel any regret.  When the event notified her, she once thought about attending; but her daughter thought that she did not long for the award, perhaps she had to make a contribution to the film industry; in addition she personally was unwilling to sit in a wheelchair and had her son push her onto the stage, because even her son was shy and unwilling to be seen.

Will she make more movies from now on?  Sister Shuen said that her health condition was not as it was and she needed time to rest.  With her vegetarian food business she believed that she would not have much chance to perform again.  "Now I am in semi-retirement, there are also many good actors around.  Unless a good friend or director friend asks again, I am already 61 and I don't dare to force myself to work."  Sister Shuen revealed that at first when she was hospitalized the situation was severely.  She looked very sick and she had chills, her toe infection was not healed yet.  She did not know whether they were due to her diabetes.  Now she finally understood the importance of doctors.  First she would take care of her health.  She also thanked the media and everyone for their concern.

Best Supporting Actor Lo Hoi Pang was asked whether his emotions have settled down.  He jokingly responded, "It was never up, I never thought about winning."  Qin Hailu said on her microblog that she will continue to work hard and tell her company's workers not to be disappointed.  Even without an award she still would take them on an European vacation.

Wong Jing said that Deanie Ip Tak Han was joking about their project A SIMPLE LIFE 38D.  "Actually we have two ideas, either Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong) or I will direct.  This time will be a comedy all star in support of Deanie, it will be a musical.  (Sister Deanie's salary?)  Her salary is the simplest, we are used to working with each other.  We have an idea.  We won't stop the negotiation due to salary.  She has never haggled over prices."  Reportedly Desanie will make the film for over 1 million.  In addition, Deanie yesterday appeared on a radio interview and revealed that she never liked to watch her own performance.  Yet before each film production she would review her co-stars' previous work.

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