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Tam Yuk Ying has been a TVB children's program host for 30 years today.  From 430 SPACE SHUTTLE, FLASH FAX, KIDS CLICK to the currently running AFTER SCHOOL, countless children have grown up with Tam Yuk Ying.  TVB yesterday held a special celebration for her and invited the hosts from the first generation to now including Margie Tsang Wa Sin, Luisa Lai Chi San, Meini Cheung Mei Nei, LuLu Kai (Koi Sai Bo), Ellesmere Choi Chi Kin and Patrick Tam Kin Won.  The first generation host Cheung Kwok Keung appeared when she cut the cake and embraced her, which brought tears to her eyes.  Although other partners like Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Athena Chu Yan did not attend, the event cut together a video over the years for review.

After 30 years at TVB, Tam Yuk Ying switched to children's program after only a year as an artist and has host for 30 years.  Among many who have worked with her, she said that Sing Yeh, Wai Jai and Ekin are all famous now so the media would constantly ask her about them.  Yet Tang Kin Won left her with the deepest memory because at first his acting truly was too "gross".  However he very quickly improved a lot.  Many partners pointed out that she was very serious at work so they rumored that she was very mean.  She said,  "You really have to ask them, actually I speak too fast.  When somebody does something wrong I would immediately say it."  She admitted that she did not particularly like children and thus would not hold them like other partners.  Sing Yeh back then constantly had fun at the expense of children, was he the one who disliked children the most?  She said, "It's not like he didn't like children, he only treated them like children."

After hosting children's program for 30 years, did she get rich from all the shows?  She said that earlier she indeed worked a lot of overtime, but she did not get rich.  She only had enough money to live on her own.  Has she thought about how many more years she would host?  She said, "30 years ago I never thought about working for 30 years, I haven't thought about the future either.  Ultimately work is a lot of fun now.  (Would you like to act?)  The company once asked me to switch departments, but I like early to bed, early to rise and leave work on time."  Actually she has worked on series before, even worked until early morning when the temperature dropped to a single digit.  Without any boat to outlying islands she had to hide in the bathroom to avoid the cold, which made her afraid of working over night.  As for her love life, she admitted that it was very full.  At her age she did not think about marriage or children.

Tsang Wa Sin and Leung Chiu Wai host 430 SPACE SHUTTLE together, but she joined later than Wai Jai.  She said that she remembered wearing the astronaut suit for the program the most.  She also constantly played pranks on Lung Bing Kei with Sing Yeh, even pointing that Sing Yeh would only play pranks on certain people.  Back then because she was mean enough Sing Yeh never dared to mess with her.  Wa Sin also said that she admired Tam Yuk Ying very much and thought that she could apply to be in the Guinness's Book of World Record.  Tang Kin Won joked that back then she thought Tam Yuk Ying was very pretty, but after Chu Yun joined he moved on.  Speaking of Tam Yuk Ying was rumored to be very mean, he supported her as very positive.  She only wanted to spur everyone on and never really yelled at anyone.

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