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Fiona Sit visits her "husband" Chapman To but seems more like a snack party instead
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With the recently fluctuating weather in Hong Kong, many caught the flu.  Chapman To Man Jat was no exception.  After almost a month, Ah Jat earlier suddenly saw double and lost response on his limbs.  He even lost his balance.  After a detailed examination, the doctor discovered that he had the rare Miller Fish Syndrome.  In severe case the patient may suffer complete paralysis, breathing difficult and even death.

Ah Jat yesterday said, "Because I live in a house, right now I would be very careful going up and down the stairway.  Becuse this illness is very rare in Hong Kong, the doctor sent my blood to the U.S. for testing to see how severe it is.  The recovery time should be from two weeks to half a year."  Ah Jat who still saw double and numbness in his limbs still optimistically stated, "Although in severe cases this illness can be fatal, rarely does it reach this situation!"

Due to Ah Jat's rare illness, he had to stop many jobs including leaving for the Udine Far East Film Festival two nights ago.  Ah Jat said, "This year I have two movies THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) selected for the Udine Film Festival.  I really wanted to go, but now I can't!"  His manager Mani Fok Man Hei admitted that she was scared when she heard about Ah Jat's condition.  Aside from being very worried she also immediately made changes to his schedule and turned away all jobs for the next two months.

Ah Jat admitted that losing seven figures in salary was not too important.  Instead he thought the most troublesome was affecting the casting of the new film SUPER MANAGER (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN).  He said, "Originally in May I will go to Beijing Dance Academy to find new actors, now I can't go it really is quite a headache."

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