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The China Film Directors' Guild Awards took place for the third time in Beijing.  Zhang Ziyi with LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI) defeated strong competition from Fan Bingbing, Qin Hailu and Shu Qi to win Actress of the Year.  Ge You with LET THE BULLETS FLY won Actor of the Year.

The Directors' Guild presented this award to Zhang Ziyi because her character not only required excellent acting but also ample presence and rich emotions.  Zhang Ziyi accepted the Actress of the Year award from last year's Directors Guild Best Actress Xu Fan.

Zhang Ziyi said, "When I made movies before, If I was able to receive one director's recognition I would feel very happy; today I receive so many directors' recognition, I am particularly happy......I indeed am a very lucky actress.  Since I started acting at 19, I have had the opportunity to work with many excellent directors.  Through their lenses I experienced different characters' joy, sorrow and fate, I grew up in the film production process.  Thank you all the directors who have worked with me, and thank you to all the directors who will work with me.  I always believe, the best movie will be the next one."

In addition, LET THE BULLETS FLY won Best Director, Best Film and Best Actor.  This film's director and star Jiang Wen said, "The past (honors) were all accepted with my hands, this one I accept with my heart."  Jiang Wen also pointed out that LET THE BULLETS FLY have brought them many honors.  Even if the film did not win last night he still would have been elated to be here.  Now that the award went to him, he felt as though his victory was not certain.

Johnnie To Kei Fung with DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) won Hong Kong and Taiwan Director of the Year.

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