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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Mandy Lieu, Lin Li, and Tracey Ip Chui Chui yesterday attended a horse racing event.  Goo Jai two days ago attended the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film DUK JIN (DRUG WAR)'s press conference in Beijing.  The film was shot in Tianjin.  Reportedly To Kei Fung was not used to the Mainland's long work hours.  Goo Jai said the weather was the main problem, food wise everything was great.  Sun Honglei in the film played a cop.  Reportedly Sun Honglei said that a cop would not hit people and refused to shoot a scene in which he hit Goo Jai.  To Kei Fung proceeded to yell on the set.  Goo Jai said that he did not hear about that and did not see Ah To yell at Sun Honglei on the set.  However, he admitted that Sun Honglei has made movies about Mainland police and had more understanding in this area.  Sometimes he would ask him for advice.  Was Sun Honglei's performance professional?  Goo Jai said that every one was very professional.

After the event he will fly back to the Mainland to continue the shoot.  "We shot from the winter to the summer, from pain in the ear and limbs from standing for half a hour only to now soaking through.  We even made many big scenes, including a crash with over 10 cars.  (Did you aggravate your old injury?)  No, my leg will not recover for several more years.  After the shoot I will get a check up again.  It should be fine."

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