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A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) swept up multiple major awards overseas.  The real person the story was based on, Roger Lee Yan Lam, has already headed for his alma mater in the U.S. for its premiere and forum.  His mother also supported the film.  After watching A SIMPLE LIFE for the first time Mother Lee even said that it was very touching!

The film A SIMPLE LIFE won several major awards overseas and even won five Hong Kong Film Awards this year.  Earlier real life Roger Lee Yan Lam reportedly would return to his alma mater the University of Oregon for a film forum.  Earlier after the Hong Kong Film Award, he headed to the U.S. first to attend A SIMPLE LIFE premiere in San Francisco.  His mother attended in support.  After watching A SIMPLE LIFE for the first time Mother Lee even said that it was very touching.

Roger yesterday said that after the Hong Kong Film Award he already flew to the U.S., first to San Francisco to attend A SIMPLE LIFE premiere.  He said that this time the film premiered in San Francisco because the bank that his nephew worked at sponsored A SIMPLE LIFE.  The bank through his nephew invited him to attend the premiere.  Roger's mother, sister and brother in law attended.  It was Mother Lee's first viewing of A SIMPLE LIFE, after which she immediately recalled a lot of memories and thought it was very thoughtful and very touching.  She even applauded Roger with encouragement.

Roger said that Mother and Sister Peach were the same age.  This year she is already 80, but she does everything herself.  She looked so well kept that some mistook Mother Lee for Roger's wife, which made Roger very proud of his mother.  As for the rumored A SIMPLE LIFE prequel, Roger said that he had no such plan for now because the production would be very large.  He said, "Not including costumes and props, because the story would go from the 50s to the 90s, casting characters of different eras would already be a very big deal.  With many different changes in the social environment, the production would have certain difficulties."

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