Monday, April 16, 2012


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This year's Hong Kong Film Award theme was "Hong Kong Film New Power".  Chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung said that the event mainly wanted to encourage a young generation of film workers.  He admitted that Hong Kong film industry had a generation gap and lack of succession phenomena.  As the Mainland film industry development grows stronger and stronger, co-productions already have no meaning.  Hong Kong film professionals must find their own way.

Chan Ka Seung's microblog everyday would receive many young people's messages in hopes of him giving them a chance to make movies.  He said, "Today's young people with a digital video camera can make movies.  The industry's barrier is already much lower.  Thus, don't say you don't have a chance!"

This year's Hong Kong Film Award was broadcast on TVB, and its rating was leaps and bounds better than last year's broadcast on ATV.  Two nights ago the award ceremony average rating was 31 points (1.97 million viewers) and a peak of 34 points (2.18 million viewers); in comparison to last year's ATV average rating of 7 points and peak of 11 points it was an increase in multiple folds.  Yesterday the Communications Authority received 5 complaints about the award show, citing the program had indecent content.

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