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Jill Vidal is disappointed that she was unable to go on a goodwill mission on her birthday due to the Indonesian earthquake 

2R's Rosanne might be with child again
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A certain label two nights ago held an art exhibit and anniversary celebration in Quarry Bay.  Many industry insiders including Carina Lau Ka Ling, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Wyman Wong Wai Man, Linda Wong Hing Ping, 2R and Jill Vidal (Wai Si) attended.  About her husband's multiple year production THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI), Ka Ling said that it should be done very soon and hoped for a release this year.

Ka Ling will compete for Best Supporting Actress tomorrow night at the Hong Kong Film Award.  She and Best Actress favorite Sister Deanie ran into each other two nights ago and traded compliments as they picked each other to win.  As for Best Actor, Ka Ling said, "I feel everyone is good, I have bias with everyone.  Lau Ching Wan is a training class classmate, Wa Jai works hard and contributes to the film industry, Ge You and Jiang Wen are good actors, so it's hard for me to judge."  Would she leave the ballot blank?  She joked, "I saw every film and I voted for everyone!"  As for whether Wai Jai will attend with her, Ka Ling said, "He has nothing to do, but he isn't nominated either.  We'll see!  Last year he didn't come and I won, maybe he will have to avoid it for me to win."

In addition, she was rumored to have downloaded Shu Qi's erotic photos earlier.  Ka Ling firmly denied it.  She said, "I didn't go there to look, I went not for the nude photos.  However I think the internet is a little complicated.  If properly used you can find out the news, but if you have bad intention then it is bad for people."  As for her husband Wai Jai's THE GRANDMASTERS being in production for years, Ka Ling said, "Not yet!  It should be done soon though, hopefully we will be able to see it this year.  (Donnie Yen Chi Tan's IP MAN will soon make its third installment.)  He (Wai Jai) is no longer Ip Man, but THE GRANDMASTER.  Maybe his character is a reporter, a baker, he could be anyone in any industry."

In addition, the Best Actor favorite Sister Deanie admitted that she already has a dress but would face the competition at peace.  She said, "I will be a guest performer and sing, so I won't do interviews until the party."  Would she consider more concerts as she is in great shape lately?  Sister Deanie responded, "For now I don't have any plan.  I was fit before too, but concerts require a lot of support."  Will she give her award to Wa Jai's baby if she wins.  Sister Deanie joked, "Huh?  I can't talk about that, but I feel giving baby books may be the best, or some yoga stuff!"

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