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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung on May 18 and 19 will perform a mini concert in Wanchai.  With several karaoke hits, Si Hing complained about the overabundance of love songs in music.  Other subjects had no room.  He lamented, "Hong Kong music fans are hard to service!"

Would Si Hing have more expectation for movies and even hope to win an award?  He said, "Since I started making movies, I was able to work with veterans like (Kenneth) Tsang Kong and Liu Kai Chi.  Their acting made me fall in love with acting.  Now I would hone my abilities.  Even after I finish my scene I would observe how they perform.  They would be my targets.  I hope to be able to win Best Supporting Actor!"  Will he try action film?  He responded, "Actually I have a black belt in tae kwon do, but few remember that.  I am also right for comedy!  See my real side!"

Si Hing has been in TVB series but as a guest star.  Not until SNIPERS (SUN CHEUNG SAU) did he realize what acting was.  He recalled.  "Back then I climbed to the third story for a shoot, I didn't realize how
frightening it was until I got back to my room.  The roof was made of tiles, after every step the tiles immediately shattered!  After making SNIPERS I had broken ribs and ligament tears.  I thought as a film industry new comer I had to risk my life!"  As he grew older, he cherished opportunities even more.  He said that if he was able to be like two years ago and made seven movies in a year he would be satisfied.  He would have no problem playing support for a long term, the most important was to be able to make money and be fed.

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