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Lau Ching Wan, Joey Man Yi Man, director Danny Pang Fat earlier promoted their horror film FAIRY TALE KILLER (JUI HUNG).  The ghost film expert Pang Ho directed FAIRY TALE KILLER abandoned the ghost subject and used instead a fairy tale story to package a murder horror story.

Pang Ho admitted that this time the subject did not involve ghost, of course its inspection was easier.  However this time Pang Ho ran into another problem; he said that the film's original Chinese title SHOK MING TUNG WA (FATAL FAIRY TALE) due to the overly sensitive and border line choice of words received criticism online and from intellectuals who thought children's fairy tale should not be twisted to avoid negative effect on children.

He said, "Many people said that this would destroy the fairy tale world illusion, people are still scolding online.  Anyway, it has been a challenge."  Pang Fat admitted that at first he did not think of this issue, but after consideration he accepted the opinions and finally changed its Chinese title to JUI HUNG.

Lau Ching Wan in the film played a detective and a couple with Man Yi Man.  They had an autistic son as they formed a less than harmonious family.  Ching Wan said that in the film the director arranged for them to constantly argue.  The character did not like his family and disliked his son, which made him unable to work with others at work.  He was an unfit father and husband.

Pang Fat said that when he first wrote this script he very naturally thought of Ching Wan for this role.  Ching Wan was an actor who he really wanted to work with.  Pang Fat said, "The story is more special, no one would think that a fairy tale would be more horrifying than the Bible.  Cinderella and little lamb would kill the wolf."

Man Yi Man worked with Ching Wan in the film.  She said that Ching Wan has always been her idol.  When she first started in the business she posed for wedding shop photos with Ching Wan, which she has held on to even today.  Did Man Yi Man and Ching Wan have any intimate scene?  She said no, in the film they argued the most.

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