Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Shawn Yue Man Lok and Aimee Chan Yan Mei yesterday attended a television announcement event.  Ah Lok said that he has always wanted to be a 3D television.  Did he want to watch 3D SEX AND ZEN (3D YUK PO TUEN)?  He said that he could watch many 3D films, mainly his mother has never seen a 3D film because she rarely went out.

Yue Man Lok and Mini Yang Mi worked together on LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING).  Recently Yang Mi reportedly while working with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung on THE BULLET VANISHES (SIU SUT DIK JI DAN) she knocked on his door.  Ah Lok immediately joked, "I am really bad at this.  Ting Fung can actually cross sets and cause trouble."  He said that when he first made LOVE, director Pang Ho Cheung already joked that he made him a chance but in the end he could not do anything.  Did anyone knock on his door?  He said yes, but it was a man.  Reporters pointed out that he and Yang Mi had a kiss scene in the film but they did not "click".  Ah Lok said, "I am really bad, I have to examine that."

Ah Lok said that he might be more attractive to older women.  His previous girlfriends were all older than him.  The oldest one was seven years his senior.  He admitted that he could accept a relationship with an old woman, but less than ten years of age difference would be the best.  He was afraid that his family might not be able to accept it.  He said, "I am not destined to have anyone young in my lifetime."  Did he believe that Ting Fung and Yang Mi "clicked"?  He said that with so many such news items in a year he thought knocking on doors might be taking too much initiative.

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