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Francis Ng Chun Yu yesterday attended a shoe event as a model.  Speaking of his good friend Lau Ching Wan losing the Best Actor Hong Kong Film Award, Chun Yu instead congratulated him.  He said that no award instead would bring more friends.  He also criticized flaws that were unfair to Mainland films in Hong Kong Film Award.

Ng Chun Yu yesterday modeled new sneakers and made some female guests screamed.  Chun Yu joked that normally he was used to hearing this type of screaming at home, as his wife would often yell "Dinner!" or "Keep an eye on the baby!"  He pointed out that his son is now 3, constantly screams and is a natural actor.  He said, "My son is always acting in front of us.  Sometimes he pretends to cry, sometimes he pretends to be nauseous while eating."  He pointed out that his son's favorite was Bruce Lee.  Now he has a Bruce Lee hair style and would often talk about Bruce Lee.  However Chun Yu did not want his son to be in the business.  He could accept working with his son once in commemoration but not forever.  He would not actively cultivate him in this filed.  Has his son watched his movies?  He pointed out that his son was curious why Papa often appeared on the television.  Earlier during the Hong Kong Film Award, his son saw Lau Ching Wan and screamed "Uncle Sean".  Originally he wanted to ask his son to scream "Uncle Sea Win", but his son would not.  Later after he learned Ching Wan lost, he kept screamed "Uncle Sean lose".  Chun Yu joked that his son might be a psychic.

Was he disappointed for Ching Wan?  Chun Yu said, "I congratulated him, this way he would have more friends.  If not he would be like a certain someone who lost all his friends."  Although Ching Wan lost he won over the public.  Chun Yu said,  "If you need something (award) to prove yourself, you can have one made on Garden Street.  Whether you win or not already has become less and less of a problem."  Chun Yu also said that the Hong Kong Film Award voting standard is unfair to Mainland films and nominees because they do not have Hong Kong social network, which would cost them half the score.  He said, "The voters wouldn't be as emotionally invested, which would have no effect on Hong Kong people but would be unfair to Mainlanders.  Yet everything has flaws, the Oscars would take care of themselves too."  Did he feel the Hong Kong Film Award was not open, fair and just enough?  He joked that he was only making a comment after the fact.  He would only examine others and never examine himself.

In July he will work on TVB's TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU 2).  Originally the production would start in May but because he had to work with Chow Yun Fat on THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) it had to be postponed.  TVB was so accommodating.  He said, "Along of many changes, the alma mater has changed to be much more accommodating."

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