Friday, April 6, 2012


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Vincent Zhao Wenzhou earlier caused a storm while working together on DUT SHU SUN FUN (SPECIAL IDENTITY) (formerly JUNG GIK GAI MA (ULTIMATE DECODING)).  Two days ago the film had new development as Mainland director and screenwriter Tan Bing held a press conference and made several accusations against Chi Tan.  Aside from accusing him while working together in order to take the producer role that was Jackie Chan's originally "refused to shoot".  Later he also rejected Mainland actor Han Geng's addition, even terminated him from the director and the screenwriter roles and turned JUNG into DUT SHU SUN FUN.

Tan Bing even said that Chi Tan's driver murdered Zhao Wenzhou's driver, but the team has already denied that.  As for the accusation that Chi Tan rejected Han Geng's addition, Han Geng's manager had no idea and even said that Han Geng due to a record release this year had a scheduling conflict.

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