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Hong Kong films THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) have been selected to take part in the Udine Far East Film Festival.  Originally the star of both films Chapman To Man Jat planned to personally attend the film festival, but last week he was diagnosed with the rare Miller Fisher Syndrome and had to announce a halt to all his work in order to recover at home on the eve of his departure.  THE BOUNTY's producer Paco Wong immediately asked guest star Alex Man Chi Leung to return to Hong Kong and head to the Udine Film Festival and promote the new film's world premiere.  VULGARIA director Pang Ho Cheung went with new screen writer Lok Yi Sum to share their new film experience with reporters at the film festival.

For his first Udine Film Festival attendance, Man Chi Leung came to support his film THE BOUNTY.  On stage he first greeted the audience with simple Italian.  After introducing himself he said that his nickname sounded the same as the Chinese mahjong tile suit "Man Ji".  He then humorously used English to talk about how he became a part of THE BOUNTY.  He said that at first he thought this film was a Hollywood style
production so he agreed right away and returned from Holland to Hong Kong for the shoot.  When he arrived in Hong Kong director Fung Chi Chiang told him the story and Man Ji thought, "Oh...I am sorry..." but he understood and joked, "It's not the problem of the BOUNTY, it's the problem of money..."  The audience cracked up.  Man Ji also said that To Man Jat had to stay in Hong Kong due to illness, so he was fortunate enough to promote the new film in Italy.  He hoped Ah Jat would recover after a few more weeks and return to work.  Then he would be freed again.  Finally Man Ji again said thank you in Italian, Putonghua and Cantonese to everyone.

Man Ji was humorous on the stage.  He even joked that this trip to Italy with Paco, the director and the executive producer already made up for "the problem of money".  Pang Ho Cheung headed to Italy to promote VULGARIA and met with the audience in the 40s Sicilian costume.  VULGARIA premiere Saturday night at midnight there.  Before the premiere, Director Pang even rode a bicycle in Italy for fun and took time to support THE
BOUNTY's world premiere.

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