Thursday, December 12, 2013


Simon Yam posts a photo of him in a Beijing hospital
Simon Yam still looks a little sick
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Simon Yam Tat Wa's work schedule was packed. Earlier he went to work in England and Beijing. First he attended the China International Film Festival London, then he returned to Beijing to work on the film THE ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP) sequel. In England he succumbed to the chilly weather and caught a severe flu. When he rushed back to Beijing his condition worsen, he once needed 18 heat pads for "protection". After work he even needed his assistant's help. Because he did not want to hinder the shoot, Brother Wa three days ago went to the hospital for an IV before works. Then he continued to work!

Two days ago Brother Wa finally finished work and returned to Hong Kong, only to find out that he was in "big trouble" after going to the hospital. Brother Wa said, "When I was in England, the back of my back, my hip and my rear muscles were all stiff. The doctor said that it was a very special type of flu. Later the germs went into the lungs, so I had light pneumonia. I had to be hospitalized right away!" Brother Wa was known for being tough, after one day at the hospital yesterday he left and continue to work on the post production for his Emperor film AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG). He still looked a little weary. As soon as he was working he was alert again and very professional. When asked why he did not take a few more days off, Brother Wa said, "I feel that my body can take it, I don't want to mess up everyone's work plan so I keep on working."

Qi Qi yesterday said that her husband has never been so sick that he had to "quarantine himself". "He probably caught it on the flight to England. I met up with him in England and I got sick. Later after we isolated ourselves we didn't see each other again. He said that we should not see each other yet, as he was afraid of getting me and our daughter sick!"

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